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Thanks for visiting my website. This project has been a passion of mine for years, and now it’s a reality. As an athlete in my youth, I realized we are not all the same, but we all have been blessed with this physical body to experience life.

As a competitor, I knew if I went a little harder or smarter, I could get an edge on my opponent and have more to say about the outcome than the unprepared or uncommitted.

Today, at 66 it’s more about quality of life, although I still have my competitive fires burning, I know if I don’t take care of my physical body, then I am inviting trouble.

Today, too many of us are blindly living lives that are headed for what has become the inevitable diagnosis of illness and disease. I firmly believe our genetics and environment are no match for a life that is seriously focused on decisions that benefit health versus compromise it. I’ve been a personal trainer for decades. I’ve been certified through and with multiple organizations. I’ve studied the subject of fitness and wellness constantly since my 20s.

In my corporate life I was given the title of Wellness Director. To say I know a lot is an understatement, but I know if you don’t stay on the cutting edge, you fall behind. I continue to study, and this commitment to stay on top of the message is probably the greatest gift I have to offer you.

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