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My service is virtual. I will communicate with you via phone calls, emails, texts, ZOOM meetings, FaceTime, and many of the other technologies and methods we have available to us.

Course Outline

Accountability Coach

Today we have an overabundance of information coming at us from every direction. When it comes to the subject of fitness or nutrition, it’s even worse. There are so-called experts arguing and promoting their programs, products, and beliefs on every medium possible, so it’s not hard to understand there is quite a bit of confusion out there. I realized long ago, it’s not the information that makes the difference, it’s whether we apply it or not. And what separates the average person from those in shape and healthy, is the application of the available information.

The famous line from Nike of “Just Do It” says it all. It is for this reason that I focus my services on accountability. I will make sure you have the right information to get you results but getting you to apply the information will be the key. I will be the person that becomes your accountability partner. This is a strategy that has worked for decades in the world of fitness. This is the person that holds you accountable, that gets you to show up and follow through with the commitment you made to yourself. This is the service I can provide.

Gold Star Service

– 3 contacts per week no ZOOM $100/month

Platinum Service

– 3 contacts plus one 20-minute ZOOM meeting per week $150/month

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